Sat Shri Akal

I am 19 year old Sikh boy from a religious family. My parents are very religious and i also i never trim my beard or hair from any part of my body but my both sisters trim their hair, eyebrows, and wax their body hair. when i objected to this they told me its only boys who should not cut their hair girls are allowed.

Sadly, my parents also supports them. In my school there are many Sikh boys who don’t trim their beard but i never seen a single Sikh girl who don’t make out eyebrows or wax their body hair.

Can someone tell me that does it allow Sikh girls to trim and Did Guru ji made Khalsa only for males. Today whole Sikh world is making hue and cry on trimming of boys but are they beware of the danger of Sikh girls trimming the hair, because these Sikh will became mothers tomorrow, will they be able to make their child’s a proper Sikh.

Thank You